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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)
Chizuru Kurono:
We had a dress code in my high school. We had to wear uniforms and white socks. We didn’t like our dress code. The teachers warned us, “If you don’t follow the school dress code, you will be considered bad students.”
I didn’t agree with their ideas because they didn’t think about the students’ rights. We wanted them to understand our ideas. In my junior high school, boys were skinheads (光头青年) because of the school dress code. We wanted to change it, so we discussed it with the teachers and with our parents. At last, we got the right to change the school dress code.
Ayumi Ono:
When we wear uniforms, we don’t need extra money for clothes. For example, if we have a school uniform, we wear it every day, so we don’t need to buy dresses to wear to school. I think second-hand clothes are also a good idea. These are much cheaper than new ones.
Kayo Shigenobu:
I don’t think we need dress codes because wearing clothes is a way to express individuality, I want to wear clothes that I like, so I don’t think school uniforms are necessary. However, a school uniform is a symbol of the school.
Mami Kanemaru:
I think a dress code is a bad thing because we cannot show our individuality. We humans each have individuality, so we had better show it to other people. If we have a dress code, we all look alike, but we are different.
Keita Ogura:
To wear the same clothes is an effective way to unite people into one way of thinking. For example, military clothes do this. In some societies, they want to increase their unity and power by making people wear the same clothes.
Yuki Masui:
When I was a high school student, we had some school rules; mainly it was a dress code. We had to wear sailor-style uniforms. Then, as in the winter season we felt cold, we wore T-shirts under our uniforms to protect ourselves from the cold. However, our teachers decided to require students not to wear undershirts. We had to follow these rules. If we didn’t, we were punished.
21.What are these people talking about?
A.Their opinions on what kind of clothes to wear. B.Their opinions on wearing school uniforms.
C.Their opinions on some of their school rules. D.Their opinions of their schools and teachers.
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