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第一节 (共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)
Tower & Gardens
Begin your visit to Bok Tower Gardens with a stop in the Visitor Center. Our friendly volunteer staff will help you make the most of your visit by sharing information about getting around the Gardens and introducing you to the Gardens with a 15-minute orientation film.
Information Desk
As you begin your visit to the Gardens, pick up a Visitor Guide & Map, Garden Adventure Guide, or Discovery Backpack from our volunteer staff in the Visitor Center Hall. During the period of your visit, our volunteers will be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Orientation Film
This 15-minute film is played continuously throughout the day in the Visitor Center Theater. For those who aren’t familiar with Edward W. Bok, the Singing Tower, or Pinewood Estate, this film is a great way to find out everything about what Bok Tower Gardens has to offer.
Exhibit Hall
These historical displays provide insight on Edward W. Bok’s life and influence, as well as the history behind the Singing Tower and Gardens. Visitors can see the original carillon keyboard, learn more about the habitat of the Lake Wales Ridge, and much more.
Art Exhibits
These exhibits feature artworks showing Florida’s environment, gardens, plants, and architecture. Many of the artworks on display are available for purchase. The art in the Gardens’ exhibits is sponsored by Pat Cain Wealth Solutions / Raymond James.
The Blue Palmetto Café
Our chef can skillfully make a variety of delicious signature salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps for all to enjoy. Our menu is also ripe with fruit and specialty desserts, beer and wine. Relax with us indoors or on our patio overlooking our beautiful landscaped gardens.
The Tower & Garden Gift Shop
Stop in the Tower & Garden Gift Shop to find unique treasures to take home to commemorate your visit to the Gardens. Our Plant Shop also gives you a chance to find a plant to take home for your own garden! Some of our Gift Shop treasures can also be found online.
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