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Are you visiting Melbourne Then you need to know the best way to travel Melbourne and Victoria.
The easiest way is to use Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses. Melbourne transport network is world class and its connections make it the easiest way for the Melbourne visitors to see all of the city’s best attractions, sports centers and shopping areas.
All you need is a myki card and you’ll be ready to travel around the city. Visitors coming to Victoria can buy a myki Visitor Pack from Public Transport Victoria Hub at Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street or from Melbourne Visitor Center to travel Victoria on the Public transport. This Public transport network covers both Melbourne and Victoria.
Another way of getting around Melbourne is using Melbourne Bike Share. It’s great for the short trip across Melbourne and a fantastic way to explore all that makes Melbourne a Global City. You just buy a subscription (订购) that suits you and take a bike when you need it and then return it to one of the 50 bike stations throughout the city. You al
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