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Opening week specials at Munchies Food Hall.
At the corner of Green and Brown Streets in the city
Monday, 7th of January until Sunday, 13th January 2016
10%discount on all orders above$20.00

Feast until you’re full! Come down to Munchies this week to enjoy the special dishes on offer at all of our food outlets. Order from the following:
● Succulent chicken rice● spicy satay beef
● Delicious noodle dishes● plump pork chips
● seafood specialties● crunchy vegetables
● sweet tropical fruit
Halal food is available at the stall Malay Food Heaven
Win Prizes and Gifts!
● Spend$20.00 or more and win instant prizes from our lucky draw box.
● Collect a free party balloon and whistle for each young diner.
● Enjoy a free meal if you are the first customer of the day at any of our stalls.
● Win a holiday to Western Australia . A free raffle ticket is given with every receipt. Just fill in your information and place your entry in the box provided.
Winner to be announced in The strait Times on the 15th of January.
Join in the Fun!
Between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. each evening until the 10th of January, your favorite Channel 3 television actors and singers will entertain you:
● May Lee● Jackie Chen
● Kim Yap● Kamal
Autograph sessions will follow each performance! And who will be our extra special myst
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