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Cheap travel destinations for winter trips
Charleston, BC. (Hotel Cost: $72.33, Round-Trip Flight: $303) The charming city of Charleston is ripe for exploring even during the cooler winter months. Catch a show at the Charleston Stage Company or watch a performance from the Charleston Ballet. If it’s your first time visiting, take a carriage tour of the city to explore 25 to 30 blocks of the downtown area.
Anchorage, Alaska(Hotel Cost: $43.67, Round-Trip Flight: $577.50)Walk on a glacier, see wildlife and explore attractive national parks for cheap in Anchorage. The Chugach Mountains are easily accessible, just 20 minutes from the downtown area.
Washington, DC. (Hotel Cost: $150, Round-Trip Flight: $206.50) Take a trip to the Lincoln Memorial, express respect and admiration to the soldiers that served in World War II at the National World War II Memorial and discover other sites that Honor American history---free of charge. Galleries, museums and historic neighborhoods are ripe for exploring even during the winter months.
Savannah, Ga. (Hotel Cost: $49, Round-Trip Flight: $317.50) Taking a self-guided tour of this southern city is one of the best ways to see famous landmarks and sites free of charge. Visit the 22 public squares and see the Gener
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