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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Steven Williams, an American father of 14-year-old Peter who has autism, searched on the Internet to find a specific kind of little blue cup for his son.
When Peter was two, Steven gave him a little blue cup that was made in China and ever since the cup has become one of the most important things in Peter’s life. Steven never thought that the little cup would cause such a big problem. Peter became dependent on this cup because ever since he received the gift he would only drink water from the exact type of little blue cup. Over 12 years, Peter refused to drink water without the cup. Steven was worried about this because their current cup could break soon and he needed to find a replacement for his son to drink with. The problem was that the cup was no longer being produced.
Steven tried to take Peter to a doctor to solve the cup problem, but it was of no use. So Steven decided to seek help from the public on Twitter. He got a lot of responses and the enthusiasm people from all over the world gave him confidence and hope. Many strangers found their identical cup and offered to send them to Peter. Though Steven received a lot of help, he still was concerned. All the cups he received would eventually brea
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