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第一节(共15小题; 每小题2分,满分30分)
Countries may be ranked by many various groups, such as how expensive or interesting they are to foreign tourists. They can also be ranked by their openness and friendliness toward visitors. You might be shocked to find out that, for example, the USA is number 102 on the list of the least welcoming places, 140 being the most unfriendly land.
Mongolia was closed for quite some time and opened up to foreigners only 20 years ago. That’s probably the major reason why it is not yet experienced enough in hosting tourists. The country is beautiful, with huge spacious areas of land that are low populated. There local people are not yet used to being visited by foreign guests.
There are, undoubtedly, pluses as well as minuses in every country. Slovakia is not the perfect destination for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, Slovakia is becoming more and more similar to the rest of European countries surrounding it. Sameness is not the best quality. As a rule, tourists want to travel and see things they have never seen before. It is good that the land’s countryside is still unique, although it is also being commercialized day by day.
Iran is not the best place to travel to. It is located close to Pakistan with its negative political atmosphere. Western visitors are not welcome over there and embassies (大使馆) advis
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