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Last Friday, A couple decided that instead of hosting their friends and family for a traditional feast reception, they would feed the victims from an earthquake-stricken area. They stood behind large food trucks distributing meals to 4,000 homeless people for their wedding reception on the border town of Kilis. The idea came from the bridegroom’s father, Ted, who volunteers for a Turkish relief organization. For the past few years, the organization has distributed daily meals to thousands of people who’ve suffered from natural disasters. He approached a representative of the organization and suggested that the family cover part of the costs of feeding them for the day.
Then he told his son, who was surprised by the suggestion, but soon won oven When he told that to the bride, she was really shocked but finally accepted because in southeastern Turkey there is a real culture of sharing with people in need. They love to share their food, their table and everything they have. And afterwards she was quite amazed about it. So, they arrived at the distribution center on Thursday to spend the day serving food and taking photographs with their grateful recipients (接受者).
On that evening, the newly married couple were still pleased with their decision to quit a personal celebration for one with a
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