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This is a true story from Guyana.One day, a boy took a piece of paper from a box.He made a paper ball and pushed it into his nose.He couldn’t get it out.He ran crying to his mother.His mother couldn’t get the paper out, either.A week later, the paper was still in the boy’s nose.His nose began to have a bad smell.
So his mother took the boy to a hospital.The doctor looked up at the child’s nose, but she couldn’t get the paper out.She said she had to cut the boy’s nose to get the paper out.
The boy’s mother came home looking sad.She didn’t want her child to have his nose cut.The next day she took the boy to her friend Sidney who lived in a house with an old lady called May.May wanted to see the child, so the child let her look up his nose.
"Yes, I can see it," May said."It will be out soon."
As she spoke, she shook some black pepper on the child’s nose.The child gave a mighty(强而有力的) sneeze and the paper flew out.His mother was surprised.May told his mother to take the boy to the seaside for a swim, for the salt water would go up his nose and stop the bad smell.
So the lucky boy didn’t have to go to the hospital to have his nose cut.
21.After the boy pushed a paper ball into his nose, ____.
A.he took it out
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