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The man goes quietly into the room. He stands over the bed where his three-day-old son is lying and begins to speak to him.
“My son, I have dreamt of you for many, many years. I had your name picked out even before you were born because I knew that I wanted you. Every time I thought of you I would have a smile on my face. Gabriel. You always gave me joy.
“I really hope we have a great relationship, where you can talk to me about anything and not be embarrassed. Most of the time it will seem like I am too old to understand, but I’m sure you will see that, as I did with my father, my advice is some of the best you will get.
“I am sorry for the misunderstandings (误会) we will have, but you will understand I spent my whole life waiting for you. You are my son, so I am not going to sit back and watch you hurt yourself. You are very important to me. ”
The man stops and looks at his son. Then he begins to sob (呜咽).
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