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Four books that will inspire you to travel around the world
There’s truly nothing like travel when it comes to gaining perspective(远景)and exposing yourself to other cultures. To get you in the adventuring mood, we asked Amazon Senior Editor to help us come up with a list of books that transport readers to another time and place. Below, see his list of four books that will inspire you to travel the world. For more information, please click Amazon.com.
SEATTLE: Where You’d Go, Bernadette
Price: $16.73
Maria Semple’s first novel is not exactly a love story to Seattle, but if you read it you just might want to come here to see if people are really as self-involved as the characters in her book. What really shines through is the strange storytelling and the laughs. Buy it on Amazon.
ITALY: Beautiful Ruins
Price: $16.29
This book written by the popular author Jess Walters is a love story that begins on the Italian Coast in the early 60s and eventually appears on the screen in Hollywood. With the settings of the background from Italy to Edinburgh to Los Angeles, you will find yourself longing to go as well. Buy it on Amazon.
ENGLAND: Wolf Hall
Price: $15.57
You can’t travel to Thomas Cromwell’s England without a time machine, but reading Hilary Mantel’s prize-winnin
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