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Can you image a car racer is so eco-friendly that its tyres are made from potatoes, its body is created from hemp(大麻)and rapeseed oil and it runs on fuel made from wheat and sugar beet(甜菜根) The one----seater racing car called Eco One is built by experts from Warwick University, who hope that Eco One will be adopted by the automotive industry. It is sold at £41,000.
Pollution-sensitive Dress
Don’t be caught outside unaware of pollution levels in the air. The pollution-sensitive EPA Dress by Stephanie Sandstorm notices pollution in the air accordingly. This dress ---- which is actually quite pretty ---- looks like you pull it from the bottom of the dirty laundry pile when the air is dirty. It might protect your health by advising you to stay indoors for the day, but it won’t do you any favor if you’re meeting with clients.
Eco-friendly Umbrella
Traditional umbrellas come with a fixed surface. Although it’s changeable, you cannot replace it easily. This eco-friendly design is more flexible. It’s actually only an umbrella skeleton without any surface, which can be folded, so you can put anything such as newspapers, plastic bags or whatever you want to serve as the protecting surface.
Eco-friendly Moss(苔藓) Carpet
It’s said that walking on fresh grass increases your blood cir
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