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Dean Castle
As a famous cultural relic.Dean Castle dates from around 1350. Built by the Boyd family, it has strong historical connections with many people and events in Scottish history—for example, Robert Burns, who was encouraged to publish his poems by the owner of the castle at that time. The castle houses collections of arms and early musical instruments and items relating to Robert Burns.
Admission free.
Opening hours: April-September 11: 00 am-5: 00 pm daily
October- March Wed--Sun, 10: 00 am-4: 00 pm
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum
Opened in 2011. Robert Burns Birthplace Museum consists of the famous Burns Cottage where the poet was born. the historic landmarks where he set his greatest work, the elegant monument and gardens created in his honor and a modern museum housing the world’s most important collection of his life and works
Admission free.
Opening hours: Tues-Sat, 11: 00 am-1: 00 pm and 2: 00 pm-5: 00 pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday.
The Baird
With a history of 100 years, the Baird holds collections of materials relating to local industries.
The James KeirHardie room interprets the life of the founder of the Labor Party, The display includes election posters, souvenirs, letters and personal belongings.
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