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CCTV—1 Channel 2
18:00 TV Classroom: Computer 18:30 China Music TV
19:00 News 19:30 Weather Report

if you reduce your other meals.
24. During the test, those who were tested were given . A. no breakfast at all
B. a little breakfast
C. little food for breakfast

19:40 Today’s Focus 20:05 40-part Seria(l

连续剧)The Gate of Reign(39)

D. different breakfasts or none

21:25 Stories on the Map 22:30 China Music Report
23:00 On the Screen Next Week
CCTV—2 Channel 8
17:30 Foreign Light Music 18:10 Children’s Programme: Cartoon City
19:05 World-famous Cities: Toronto 20:55 The Story of Earth
21:30 Economy 30 Minutes 22:00 News in English
22:30 Special Sports: Football Match (China-Indonesia)
00:20 On the Screen Next Week
( TV programmes in Beijing Sunday, May 26,2002 CCTV )
21 .If an Englishman wants to know about what’s happening in China, but he doesn’t
know any Chinese, he may watch TV at .
A.19:00 on CCTV—1 Channel 2
B.20:05 on CCTV—1 Channel 2
C.22:00 on CCTV—2 Channel 8
D.21:30 on CCTV—2 Channel 8
22 .If you are interested in football games, which of the following programs will you choose?
A.China Music Report. B.Special Sports.
C.Today’s Focus. D.China Music TV.
23.If you are going to Guangzhou by plane from Chongqing Airport, you’d better pay attention to the programme .
A.Weather Report B.World-famous Cities
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