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It was Mother’s Day,but the young mother was a little unhappy,because she was 800 miles away from her parents.In the morning she phoned her mother to wish her a happy Mother’s Day,and her mother told her about the beautiful lilacs(丁香)in the garden.Later that day,when she told her husband about the lilacs,he said,"I know where we can find all that you want.Get the children and come on."So they went,driving down the country roads.There on a small hill,,she saw a lot of beautiful purple lilacs.The young woman ran quickly to enjoy the flowers.Carefully,she picked a few here and a few there.On their way home there was a smile on her face.
When they were passing a nursing home(养老院)the young woman saw an old granny sitting in a chair.She had no children with her.They stopped the car and the young woman walked to the old woman,put the flowers in her hands,and smiled at her.The old granny thanked her again and again.She smiled happily,too.When the young mother came back to her car,her children asked her,"Who is that old grannyWhy did you give our flowers to her""I don’t know her,"their mother said."But it’s Mother’s Day,and she has no children.I have all of you,and I still have my mother. Just think how much those flowers meant to her."
21.The young woman was a little unhappy on Mother’s Day
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