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It is popular to travel by bike in China. China has a large population, and it is said that there is at least one bike for every two people. Of course, many people in China ride bikes for sport or exercise, but it is also a much more commonly accepted means of everyday transportation, as compared to countries such as the United States.
If you are living for a long time in China, chances are that you will want to buy your own bike so that you can use it whenever you want. Even if you don’t use a bike for everyday transportation, owning one can be a great way to enjoy the sights in the countryside.
It is important to choose the correct bike for your use. You will find that in China, the one-speed style of bike is popular. These bikes are great if you want to ride around in the c ity to see the sights. They are quite comfortable and easy to ride. You can often rent a bike for a day for about 15 dollars.
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