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21. –What would you do if it ______ tomorrow?
-We have to carry it on, since we’ve got everything ready.
A. rain B. rains C. will rain D. is raining
22. –Look out, you were almost hit by the truck.
-Oh, thank you. But I ______ about a math problem.
A. had been thinking B. thought C. was thinking D. am thinking
23. A good story-teller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity ______ he reaches the end of the story.
A. when B. unless C. after D. until
24. The way he did it was different _______ we were used to.
A. in which B. in what C. from what D. from which
25. People may forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget _____ you made them feel.
A. why B. how C. what D. that
26. The boss is much kinder to Helen than to the other colleagues, ____ of course, makes them unhappy.
A. he B. who C. which D. that
27. It has not been announced _____ all events will take place in the stadium next Thursday.
A. when B. where C. what D. whether
28. Tom is considered _____ one of the best students ______ I have ever taught.
A. being…whom B. being…that C. to…whom D. to be…that
29. _____ impressed the visitors deeply was _____ the workers made with their hands.
A. What…that B. That…that C. What…what D. That…what
30. Nowadays, you’ll notice a phenomenon _________ a lot of people are wearing jeans to
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