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2020年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 (模拟卷)
英 语
3.考试结束后, 将本试卷和答题卡一并交回。
第一部分阅读(共两节, 满分50分)
第一节(共15小题;每小题2.5分,满分37.5 分)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的A、B、C、 D四个选项中选出最佳选项。
Why go to Madrid
There may be a slight chill (寒冷) in the air, with temperatures staying around 15℃ in March, but Spain’s handsome capital is slowly starting to warm up. Even more attractive are the cultural events.
A new exhibition on the living and working spaces of Spain’s greatest artist, Picasso, has just opened in the studio at the Fundación Mapfre at Paseo de Recoletos 23. It runs until 11 May with rarely seen pieces borrowed from his family.
Later this summer, the 400th anniversary of the death of the Renaissance (文艺复兴) painter EI Greco will be marked with an exciting exhibition at the Museo del Prado at Paseo del Prado from 24 June to 5 October.
How to go
The widest range of fights is ofered by EasyJet - from Bristo, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Liverpool and Luton. British Airways and its sister arline Iberia combine fores from Heathrow and London City. Ryanair flies from Manchester and Stansted; Air Europa flies from Gatwick.
Barajas airport is 13km north-east of the city centre and is served by frequent trains on Metro line 8, but the shortest underground journey is a bit complex with at least one change at Nuevos Miniterios station and takes about 30 minutes. The fare to any station in the city entre is ?4.50. The airport express bus runs every 15 to 35 minutes around the clock; ?5 one way. It takes 40 minutes to reach the city centre. A taxi takes half the time. A flat rate of ?30 covers most of central Madrid.
1. When will the exhibition about Picasso close
A. On 23 March. B. On 11 May.
C. On 24 June. D. On 5 October.
2. Which airline operates flights from Manchester to Madrid
A. EasyJet. B. Ryanair.
C. Air Europa. D. British Airways.
3. What is the fastest way to reach central Madrid from Barajas airport,
A. Take a taxi. B. Take a city bus.
C. Take Metro line 8. D. Take the airport express bus.
My school appeared on the news last week because we had made an important change in our local area. Our class had planted a large garden in what was once only a vacant lot. It was a lot of work but it was all worth it. 1 got blisters (水泡) from digging, and we all got insect bites, too.
I learned a lot about gardening and collaboration (合作), and then I learned about the media. Our teacher telephoned the TV station and informed them of what we had accomplished. She spoke with the producer. The producer checked with the directors, but they said there were plenty of stories similar to ours. They wanted to know what was special about our particular garden, since many schools plant them.
The teacher explained that, after going on the Internet to learn about the prairie (大草原), we had made a prairie garden. We had gone to a prairie and gotten seeds from the plants, and then we planted them. We did not water the garden, but we did weed it We decided to let nature water it with rain, since that was how prairies grew in the past. We sent a picture of the garden to the news station. In the picture, the grass was so high that it stood taller than the fourth grade students.
As a result, the producer sent a reporter to our school. He interviewed the headmaster and asked him many questions about the garden. After that, they interviewed us, and we explained to them what we had learned through this project.
That night, we watched the news, and there we were. The news reporter told our story. It was only two minutes long, but it was us. We were famous. All that work, all those blisters, it was worth it. We knew that when we saw the garden every day, but now we knew that the whole city thought so, too.
4. What seemed to be the TV directors’ initial reaction to the garden
A. They were excited. B. They were surprised.
C. They were worried. D. They were uninterested.
5. What is special about the garden
A. Weeds were allowed to spread naturally.
B. The grass grew faster than common grass.
C. The seeds came from the plants of a prairie.
D. Underground water was used for the plants.
6. What does the underlined word“that" refer to in the last paragraph
A. We got blisters on our hands. B. Our hard work was worthwhile.
C. The garden would be famous. D. The project would be finished.
7. How did the author feel about the project
A. Annoyed. B. Curious. C. Proud. D. Regretful.
Heads up! Across the country, sports injuries are a safety concern for young athletes. Now, the American Medical Association (AMA) has a new set of guidelines aimed at protecting players from the danger of concussions - serious injuries caused by a blow to the head.
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