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1. What will James do tomorrow
A. Watch a TV program. B. Give talk. C. Write a report.
2. What can we say about the woman
A. She’s generous B. She’s curious C. She’s helpful.
3 . When does the train leave
A .At 6:00 B. At 8:30 C. At 10:30
4. How does the woman go to work
A. By Car. B. On foot. C. By bike.
5. What is the probable relationship between the speakers
A. Classmates. B. Teacher and student. C. Doctor and patient.
听第6段材料, 回答第6、7题。
6. What does the woman regret
A. Giving up her research. B. Dropping out of college. C. Changing her major.
7. What is the woman interested in studying now
A. Ecology B. Education C. Chemistry.
8. What is the man
A. A hotel manager. B. A tour guide. C. A taxi driver.
9. What is the man doing for the woman
A. Looking for some local foods.
B. Showing her around the seaside.
C. Offering information about a hotel.
10. Where does the conversation probably take place
A. In an office. B. At home C. At a restaurant
11. What will the speakers do tomorrow evening
A. Go to a concert. B. Visit a friend. C. Work extra hours.
12. Who is Alice going to call
A. Mike B. Joan C. Catherine
13. Why does the woman meet the man
A. To look at an apartment. B. To deliver some furniture. C. To have a meal together.
14. What does the woman like about the carpet
A. Its color. B. Its design. C. Its quality.
15. What does the man say about the kitchen
A. It’s a good size B. It’s newly painted. C. It’s adequately equipped.
16. What will the woman probably do next
A. Go downtown B. Talk with her friend. C . Make payment.
17. Who is the speaker probably talking to
A. Movie fans. B. News reporters. C. College students.
18. When did the speaker take English classes
A. Before he left his hometown. B. After he came to America. C. When he was 15 years old.
19. How does the speaker feel about his teacher
A. He’s proud. B. He’s sympathetic. C. He’s grateful.
20. What does the speaker mainly talk about
A. How education shaped this fife.
B. How his language skills improved.
C. How he managed his business well.
第二部分:英语知识运用 (共两节,满分35分)
21. The e-commerce_____ production and consumption, and is promoting the development of the service sector.
A. has influenced B. influenced C. is influencing D. is influenced
22. Past winners of the Nobel Prize in physics, _____ has now been awarded 210 times, have been honored for their important discoveries.
A. who B. what C. that D. which
23. We can choose to be happy if we want, ______ we can look at everything in a positive way.
A. for fear that B. as long as C. in case D. even if
24. This exhibition is to _____ the traditional images and show that there are no limits to what you are capable of.
A. hand down B. break down C. calm down D. lay down
25. The question came up at the meeting ____ we have enough money for our research.
A. whether B. that C. which D. where
26. It is obvious that an equal _____ of the educational resources is what the public need badly nowadays.
A. contribution B. distribution C. prescription D. separation
27. If we surround ourselves with people _____ our major aim, we can get their support and encouragement.
A. in sympathy with B. in terms of C. in honor of D. in contrast with
28. The introduction of advanced robots has made a _____ difference to the production of agricultural Machinery.
A. troublesome B. transparent C. tremendous D. traditional
29. He is sure to pass the test, for he_____ his lessons for the test every day over the past month.
A. will review B. was reviewing C. has been reviewing D. had been reviewing
30. China has made great achievements in agriculture over the past seven decades, successfully _____ nearly 20 percent of the world’s population.
A. fed B. to feed C. being fed D. feeding
31. Just my luck! _____ my umbrella this morning, I wouldn’t be trapped here now.
A. Should I take B. Had I taken C. Were I to take D. Would I take
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