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宁夏银川一中2020届高三上学期第四次月考英 语 试 卷
1. What is the speakers’ main activity
A. Eating food. B. Trying out furniture. C. Watching a movie.
2. What will the man pick up
A. A pizza, a salad, and a cookie.
B. A pizza, a Coke, and two cookies.
C.A pizza, a salad, a Coke and a cookie.
3. How old will the girl be in March
A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven.
4. Why is the man upset
A. The dog is too loud. B. He got woken up early. C. His neighbor is annoying him.
5. Where are the speakers
A. In a bookstore . B. In a library. C. In a post office.
6. Where does the conversation take place
A. In a car. B. In a classroom. C. In a fruit store.
7. What will the man give the girl next
A. A mobile phone. B. A ride to her house. C. Something to eat.
8. How does the man feel
A. He feels pain at first. B. He doesn’t feel any pain. C. He can’t feel his whole body.
9. What will the man do next
A. Go to the back of office. B. Talk to the receptionist.
C. Schedule an appointment for next month.
10. When does this conversation take place
A. At the beginning of a semester. B. In the middle of a semester.
C. At the end of a semester.
11. When will the man be free
A. Thursday morning. B. Friday afternoon. C. Saturday.
12. Why can’t the woman set the time up with the man
A. Ken lost the schedule.
B. The schedule hasn’t been decided yet.
C. She doesn’t have the schedule with her.
13. What does the man want to do
A. Go out to dinner. B. Celebrate. C. Check his mail.
14. Why did the man get excited
A. He received a letter from a school.
B. He got accepted by some schools.
C. His parents took him out to dinner.
15. When did the man finish his applications
A. Last night. B. Last week. C. Last month.
16. What did the man’s brother tell him
A. A thin envelope is great news.
B. A thick envelope is bad news.
C. A thick envelope is always good news.
17. How long did Kobe play basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers
A. Fifteen years. B. Twenty years. C. Twenty –five years.
18. Why did Kobe move to Italy
A. To play basketball. B. For his dad’s job. C. To go to school.
19. How did Kobe feel when he came back to the States
A. Confident and strong. B. Proud and lonely. C. Nervous but excited.
20. Who helped Kobe get ready to become a champion
A. His coach. B. His friends. C. His teammates.
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