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第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分)
1. What does the woman want to drink
A. Tea B. Milk C. Coffee
2. What’s the relationship between the speakers
A. Classmates B. Mother and son C. Teacher and student
3. Where is the woman probably going
A. To the cinema B.To John’s house C.To school
4. Where is the woman
A In a supermarket B. In a restaurant C. At home
5. Who is the woman
A. doctor B. nurse C. A teacher
6. What will the man do this afternoon
A Prepare food for supper.
B Have classes
C, Attend a meeting
7. When will the woman meet the man
A. This afternoon B This evening C. Tomorrow afternoon
8. How is the man going to England
A. By train B By air C By ship
9.How many things does the woman give the man
A. Two B. Three C Four
10 How does the woman feel
A.Excited B Relaxed C. Tired
11. Where does the man invite the woman to go
A. To a restaurant B. To a cafe C. To his home
12. What is the woman like
A. She’s a shy person
B. She’s always happy
C. She often chats with her friends
13. What do we know about the boy
A. He is worried about his new classmates
B. He recently started a new school
C. He has got used to his teachers
14. When will the boy’ s father return
A In two days B In three days. C In four day.
Who is Mrs.Jones
A. The boy’s teacher B. The boy’s mother C. The boy’s headmaster
16. Where does the conversation take place
A In London B In Montreal C. In Toronto
17. What’s the purpose of the letter
A To share an interesting story
B. To thank a gentleman
C. To look for a lost car
18. When did the story happen
A. At night B In the morning C. In the afternoon
19. What was the weather like then
A. Foggy B Snowy C.Rainy
20. What did the young man do at that time
A. He lent his car to the speaker.
B. He called his family to help the speaker.
C. He helped the speaker to repair her car
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 (共10小题;每小题2.5分,满分25分)
Susan Brownell Anthony was a lady ahead of her time. She fought for women’s rights long before they became a popular issue. Susan was born on February 15,1820, in Adams, Massachusetts. At that time, women had few rights. They could not own property. Money earned by a married woman belonged to her husband. Major decisions regarding children were made by the fathers. Women could not vote. At the age of 15, Susan became a schoolteacher. She taught for 15 years. Then she began organizing women’s groups to promote causes that were important to women. She helped gain better educational rights for women. She helped give married women possession of their earnings. After the Civil War, Susan became very involved in the women’s suffrage(选举权) movement. After years of lecturing, writing, and appealing by Susan and other women, some parts of the United States changed their laws to give women the right to vote. The first state was Wyoming in 1869. Other areas and states gradually followed Wyoming’s decision. It was not until 1920 that the U .S. Constitution was changed to give all women voting rights. Susan Brownell Anthony died in 1906 at the age of 86. She was elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in 1950. She was the first American woman to have a likeness(肖像) of her face on a coin. It was the 1979 Susan Brownell Anthony dollar.
What was the situation of American women like when Susan was born
They had low social status.
They could vote after getting married.
They managed money for their husbands.
They were responsible for decision-making.
What is the third paragraph mainly about
Susan’s teaching experiences.
Susan’s educational background.
Susan’s efforts to abolish slavery.
Susan’s fighting for women’s causes.
what does the word “decision” in the fourth paragraph refer to
promoting the social movement.
Changing the U.S. Constitution.
Giving women voting rights.
Uniting other areas and states.
Mary Krupa became friends with the grey squirrels during her first week at Penn State,after spotting them running around and idly(漫不经地)wondering what they would look like with tiny hats on their heads.Today, everyone at the university knows her as the "Squirrel Girl".
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