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1. Where does the conversation take place
A. In a restaurant. B. In a library. C. In a bookstore.
2. What will Lily do during the summer holiday
A. Study at home. B. Go abroad for a holiday. C. Visit her grandparents.
3. What is the weather like now
A. Rainy. B. Sunny. C. Windy.
4. Why is the man angry
A. He has to attend a meeting.
B. He wasn’t invited to the meeting.
C. No one told him the cancel.
5. What’s wrong with the woman
A. She has lost something. B. She has lost her way. C. She has missed the bus.
6.Why did Mary stay at home yesterday evening
A. To help her mother clean the house.
B. To take care of her sister.
C. To help her brother study.
7.What did Mary watch on television last night
A. A boxing match. B. A concert. C. A film.
8.Where would the man like to go
A. The airport. B. The restaurant. C. The hotel.
9.How much tip do the taxi drivers in London expect
A. About ten percent. B. About fifteen percent. C. About twenty percent.
10. What is the woman busy writing now
A. A report. B. A story. C. A poem.
11. What is the British film about
A. An old man. B. An earthquake. C. A war.
12. When will the film begin
A. At 5:15 pm. B. At 5:45 pm. C. At 6:15 pm.
13. Where does the woman come from
A. Britain. B. China. C. France.
14. How long has the woman been in Washington
A. About three years. B. About three months. C. About three weeks.
15. What activities is the woman interested in
A. The social get-togethers. B. The sports events. C. The language evening.
16. When will the woman probably go to the club
A. On Monday. B. On Wednesday. C. On Friday.
17. When does the conversation take place
A. In the evening. B. In the afternoon. C. In the morning.
18. What is the weather like now
A. Windy. B. Snowy. C. Foggy.
19. What time will the listeners probably get up tomorrow
A. At 5:00 am. B. At 5:30 am. C. At 6:00 am.
20. What shouldn’t the listeners take tomorrow
A. The maps. B. Warm clothes. C. Video cameras.
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