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Community is the heart of everything we do. We can share tips on where to go and what to do with other like-mind people and help others discover amazing places.
Cris Castelul Bethlen
Castle Bethlen in Cris is being restored right now but you can still look around the inside and the small exhibition. The tower is dating back to the medieval ages. Its highest level facade(正面)being decorated by the painted high relief of figures shows warriors dressed in the Hungarian garment. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of Transylvanian renaissance dwelling and defense castle architecture.
St Kilda Beach in Melbourne
A great place to relax towards the end of the day and be sure to catch the beautiful sunset at the pier! If you are feeling adventurous enough, you can climb down the rocks at the pier and sit there to enjoy the sunset. Penguins make their way back home after sunset too,so be sure to catch a glimpse of those cuties.
Waipio Valley Lookout
This is a very cool lookout spot in America. There really isn’t a parking lot here and you will have to find street parking and then walk to this lookout spot. If you want to continue driving into the valley, you will need a 4x4 vehicle since it’s a pretty hilly drive.
Jamboree Monument in Korea
Standing approximately 50 feet tall, Jamboree Monument has become one of the notable landmarks of Sokcho City since it was built in 1991 for celebrating the largest World Scout Jamboree. Towering among the other 30 sculptures sculpted in the park, it adds the attractiveness of the surrounding area.
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