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Sales Executive
Pindan Labor Solutions is expanding and we require a Sales Executive.Working hours from Monday to Friday, 12 months a year. However, some weekend work may be required. You will be assisting our team of consultants with business development. You can get a monthly income of $5,200. Essential requirements include previous sales experience, strong communication skills, high level of computer competency (能力),WA driver’s license.
For more information, please e-mail to Stefan @ tigerhospitality.com or phone 0452 236 541.
Martial Arts Trainer
Go-Kan-Ryu Karate has a number of positions available for people who have an interest in the martial arts. The position will involve training new students on working days. An expected first year income of $45,000. Excellent people skills and previous experience are essential. Own car and license required.
Please contact Tim Hort on 0285 371 464 or kvle@hospitalio.com for further information.
Workshop Manager
Located in Wongan Hills WA, Beckman Machinery want a Service/Workshop Manager to join our successful team. Your role will be to provide the best possible service to customers, Monday to Friday. You must have trade certificate, excellent communication and computer skills. Knowledge of agricultural products is essential. You can get at least $50,000 in your first year.
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