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No matter where you live or how you define yourself, these are some of the best activities to get in touch with nature.
One of the easiest and most accessible ways to get close to nature is by setting out on a good old hike. Hiking generally doesn’t require any special equipment or special skills; just a good pair of boots, a map, and a thirst for adventure. This activity can be as relaxing as you make it. Suggestion: consider doing a little advance research on Trails.com or EveryTrail.com.
Backcountry Camping
Why limit yourself to just a day hike when you can have a full weekend (or longer) adventure? Backcountry camping involves packing your tent, sleeping bag, food,and water on your back to set up camp in a remote location. If you’re an experienced hiker and camper, this is an excellent way to test your survival skills and explore the wildness. Many parks require backpackers to obtain permits, so make sure to register and map your route before stepping on the trail.
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