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SIM Card Cutter
Change regular SIM cards to smaller SIM cards.
Did you know you can cut a regular size phone SIM card to a smaller size SIM card and it will still work This tool will help you do it. Just stick a SIM card in it, press it down like a stapler(订书机). A perfectly shaped smaller SIM is there. I’ve used it many times when swapping SIMs from one phone to another.
03/7/17-- Mark Frauenfelder
Profi Cheese Slicer
Uses a thin wire to slice up to medium-hard cheeses in four inch sections.
I may own every cheese slicer ever made. I prefer a wire type cheese cutter so I can cut slices that work well on a piece of bread and sandwich.
This cheese slicer is great for both tasks. It even has adjustable tension on the two cutting wires. A point of information: I did break a wire cutting a very hard piece of cheese with black pepper. Good news, the wire is replaceable, and I was able to purchase new wires to fix it. Maybe best to use on softer cheeses. Lessons learned. But, highly recommended for every other use except for those extremely hard cheeses.
03/6/17-- Kent Barnes
Ash Bucke
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