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甘肃省通渭县第二中学2018届高三级第一次月考英语试题 第Ⅰ卷
第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分50分)
I have been watching my daughters play sports since they were four, and have been shocked at how some parents in the crowd behave.
At soccer games, when my girls were very young, parents would be screaming at their children to get their heads into the game, to charge, to “get” an opposing player, or to “kill it.” I understand parents want to encourage their children and their team—but at some point it becomes too much.
My daughter Grace is a high school and AAU (Association of American Universities) basketball player and a very good one at that. During a recent game, a parent sitting near me was shouting loudly to her daughter, standing up, expressing displeasure about the way her team was playing and, during halftime, speaking loudly about her personal life. After having her in my ear for more than half of the game, I was so put off that I had to move.
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