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英语 参考答案
听力:1-5 BCACA 6-10 CCCBB 11-15 BCABA 16-20 BBCCA
阅读:21-23 BCC 24-26 BDC 27-30 DDAB 31-35 GAFBE
完形填空:36-40 ACBCB 41-45 CDDCB 46-50 DCCCC 51-55 BBACB
语法填空:56. beneficial 57. which 58. to make 59. as 60. strengths
61. to 62. is happening 63. ruled 64. diversity 65. ourselves
One possible version:
Recently, some students are found secretly ordering takeout on “Mei tuan” or “Ele me”, which obviously violates the school restrictions. Food safety has always been a big concern to us all, and the violation has undoubtedly doubled our trouble with this problem as well as our school management.
To strictly enforce the school regulation, the Student Union is emphasizing this restriction here again. Please do your little bit to make our campus clean and harmonious. Your effort will really make a big difference.
Student Union
本文是一篇议论文,讨论了人们面对众多选择时,应怎样去达成目标的问题.概写时应主要围绕以下四个要点: 1. 驯兽师用鞭子和椅子来迷惑狮子. 2. 我们很多时候和狮子一样处于类似的困境3. 行家们对于一个目标会给出多种选择, 反而迷惑了人们. 4. 其实人们需要做的只是坚定地选择一个目标,并立刻采取行动. 写作时,要注意上下文连贯及词数要求.
One possible version:
A tamer uses a whip and a chair to confuse the lion, making it lose its focus. (要点1)We often
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