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第一部分 阅读理解(共两节:满分40分)
When we think of Hollywood, we think of films and famous film stars.They are part of Hollywood’ s history.Today people make films in other places, too.Not all famous film stars live in Hollywood.But Hollywood is still a very special part in Los Angeles, California.
You can easily see where Hollywood is in Los Angeles.There is a big sign on the hills.It says “HOLLYWOOD”.The while letters are fifty feet tall.You can see the sign from far away.The Hollywood sign is a famous Hollywood landmark(标记) in Los Angeles.Many postcards show this famous Hollywood landmark.
In the hills of Hollywood, there is also the Hollywood Bowl.This is an open-air theatre. It is one of the biggest open-air theatres in the world.It has seventeen thousand seats and a very different stage. The design of the stage was by a great American called Fran Lioyd Wright. You can listen to all kinds of concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.
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