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What’s on in Beijing
Discover the best things to do in Beijing with our weekly round-up(集拢) of art and exhibitions, music and performances, and trending activities to do around town.
Art Exhibition Shows Tech Influence
This new exhibition, to start on July 15, will present an amazing experience showing how digital technology is helping artists. It will also show how technology has changed the museum and gallery experience for visitors from a passive to active one.
Through September 16. Today Art Museum. 010-5876-0600.
Ticket: 80~150 yuan
The Divine Michelangelo
After a successful debut(首秀) in Shanghai, this art exhibition will open to the public in Beijing on July 14. It will show 105 items, marking Michelangelo’s artistic achievements in drawing, sculpture, architecture and poetry.
Through October 10. Bird’s Nest Culture Center. 010-6455-3358.
Ticket: 40~160 yuan
Wandering in Classical Music
Chaarts, a classical group from Switzerland, will put on a musical feast next week. Programs will include the debut of Mozart in China, which combines Mozart’s music style with Chinese music elements, and Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.
July 20. Zero Art Center. 010-5978-9931.
Ticket: 80~400 yuan
Dance Festival
The annual dance festival, Chinese Da
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