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1-5 CBABB 6-10 CBACB 11-15 BBCBA 16-20 BBAAC
21-24. BBAD 25-28. BCDA 29-31. BDC 32-35. CDAC 36-40. DGCAB
41-45 BACBD 46-50 CDABD 51-55 BACBD 56-60 CBCDA
61. opportunities 62. ourselves 63. inspiring 64. that/which 65. whether
66. on 67. best 68. printed 69. eventually 70. the
1.such后加上a 2.me改为mine
3.to live改为to living 4.are改为is
5.meet改为met 6.hardly改为hard
7.去掉but 8.or改为and
9.one of who改为one of whom 10.time改为times
第二节 书面表达
Dear Tom,
I’m really glad to hear from you. I hope you don’t feel very sad and angry after having a conflict with your classmate.
People often have different views on things, which can normally cause conflict. I think you should first calm down to get the problem solved. Finding a proper chance to communicate with your classmate is a great way to clear up the misunderstanding between you and your classmate. In order to get along well with your classmates, you have to be kind and friendly to them. What’s more, you’d better learn to control your emotion. In my opinion, if you put yourself in others’ position, you would understand them better.
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