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“Look, it’s Baldy!” A boy shouted in my direction across the playground. Even though I was used to regular insults (侮辱) because of the 1 on my head, it was 2 horrible to hear. I sighed as I was headed back to the class.
When I was just 20 months old, I suffered serious 3 after a bowl full hot oil fell on my head. I was 4 to hospital and had to stay there for weeks while the doctors 5 to save my life. “Holly’s very 6 to be alive,” they told Mum and Dad. “But she’ll be 7 with scars on her head, and of course her hair won’t grow there.”
As a child, I cared much about my scars, so I 8 wore a scarf to cover them up when I left home. 9 I didn’t, people would call me horrible names like Baldy. Although my friends were always comforting me, they never 10 understood how it felt.
Then through the hospital I was 11 to a children’s burns camp, where children like me can get any help. There, I 12 14-year-old Stephanie, whose burns are a lot more serious than mine. But she is so 13 that she never lets anyone put her down. “You shouldn’t 14 what people say about what you look like because we’re not different from anyone else, Holly,” she 15 me. “And you don’t need to wear a scarf because you look great 16 it!” For the first time in my life I could speak to someone who’d been through so
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