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21. The “Chinese Dream” is ________ dream to improve people’s well-being and ________ dream of harmony, peace and development.
A.the; a   B.a; a C.a; the D.the; the
22. --- You know, Bob is a little slow _____________ understanding.
--- So I have to be patient ______________ him.
A. in; with B. on; with C. in; to D. at; for
23. I ___________ the piano quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since last month.
A. will play B. have played C. played D. play
24. I do appreciate_____________ able to come to my party tomorrow evening.
A. you will B. you to be C. your being D. to your being
25. Lily has made____________ progress in her study that the teachers are pleased with her.
A. such a great B. so great a C. so much D. such much
26. Peter is one of my good friends. He is really__________ and I feel__________with him.
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