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Noad was a tall, handsome 23-year-old Balinese man who was in love with one girl but expected to marry another. His stepmother had arranged everything – he would wed a distant relation and bring the two families closer together. Noad had two choices. He could either marry the girl he did not love, or he could go against the wishes of parents and be expelled from his village. Actually he had another choice, one which none of his family foresaw. One day his friends found him slumped in a comma on his bed after he had consumed two litres of a powerful insecticide.
For more than 60 years the tropical Indonesian island of Bali has been portrayed to the outside world as a heavenly paradise where a strong culture and sense of community protect its inhabitants from the rigors of the modern world.Itis an image supported by many millions of dollars from the international hotel community which provides luxury accommodation and facilities for nearly a million foreign visitors now travelling annually to the holiday island.
Yet behind the marketing hype lies another story – one which exists in stark contrast to the sun, sand and sea “dream”. The truth is that the lives of Bali’s 2.7 million local inhabitants are often marked by poverty, suffering and family conflict. Ketut is a 22-year-old maid who works part-time for an expatriate(侨民)
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