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Shanghai Disneyland Park is the Disney theme park in mainland China, combining the magic of Disney and unique cultural elements(要素)of China. Make a magical journey through various themed lands filled with world-class attractions and grand entertainment.
Top Highlights
*Mickey Auenue
---Hug some favorite Disney characters and take a photo with then.
---Enjoy Chinese and international food and snacks.
*Treasure Cove
---Led by Captain Jack Sparrow, attempt to steal the priceless treasure of Davy Jones.
---Paddle boats to experience a Caribbean island.
---Follow the Voyage to the Crystal Grotto to travel beneath the Enchanted Storybook Castle.
---Ride on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to wind through tunnels
---Fly with Jet Packs to become a space pilot and experience the thrill of flying.
---Ride two-wheeled Lightcycles to explore a mysterious world.
Ticket Price
---Regular pricing: 370 RMB(1-day)/700 RMB(2-day)
---Peak pricing for public holidays and weekends: 499 RMB(1-day)/ 950 RMB(2-day)
---Children between 1—1.4meters and travels above 65 years old:
Regular 280 RMB(1-day)/530 RMB(2-day); Peak 375 RMB(1-day)/710 RMB(2-day).
---A Child below I meter: free when accompanied by an adult.
---A security check is required to enter the park. Food and drinks which are already open are not
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