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When you’re looking forward to taking a holiday in Egypt, you’re certainly not short of choices. The country has so many to see that you’ll probably not want to limit yourself to just one city.
Hurghada—A Water Sport Paradise
With 250 hotels ranking from comfortable 3-star hotels up to 5-star accommodation, the main attraction of staying here is the activities in and on the warm waters. It has become an international centre for water sports, allowing visitors to take part in surfing, sailing and deep-sea fishing. The waters are also home to a huge variety of coral and fish, making it a dream spot for diving. If all that isn’t enough, Hurghada is home to some of the world’s finest underwater gardens.
Luxor—An Open-air Museum of Ancient History
For those with an interest in Egyptian history, Luxor is an excellent place to stay and is built upon the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. If you make this the base for your Egypt holiday, you’re basically staying in an open-air museum! The morden city of Luxor has the ruins of Karnak. Across the Nile lie many more monuments, temples and tombs including the Valley of Kings and the Queens. The Nile sailing is necessary for those with an interest in the country
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