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第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
If you frequently travel for business, Staybridge Suites offer you a range of home comforts. Four recent visitors to Staybridge Suites explain why they booked, what they enjoyed and what made them want to return.
Claire Metcalf
“The concept is great, but the staff are the ones who really make it.” she says. “It takes a lot of discipline to always be friendly, but the staff at Staybridge Suites do that. They genuinely care about you.”
Andrew Roberts
“One of the best things is having my own kitchen. I often end up working late and I don’t fancy eating in a restaurant on my own, so cooking for myself is a big drawcard.”
“The main thing for me is being able to cook and have my own little flat. The staff are amazing. It is great to be recognized by them,” he says.
Pauline Robinson
“What I love about it is the way that you are treated by the staff, “she says. “Some of the staff have been there all that time and they do look after you well. As a woman staying on my own, it is reassuring that they look out for you, and recently when I was poorly they even brought things I needed to my room.”
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