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Best Places to See Colonial Brazil
Olinda is situated on a hill above the coastal city of Recife, Brazil. It is one of the best places in Brazil to see colonial architecture. This small city was founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese and later flourished(繁荣) with the sugarcane industry. Most of its historic buildings date from the 18th century.
Parati, Rio de Janeiro
Parati’s charm comes from the small cobblestone (鹅卵石 ) streets lined with simple colonial style houses, seaside churches, and its advantageous geographic location. Parati hosts several festivals throughout the year, including FLIP, a well-known festival of international literature held annually in July; the Festival da Pinga, which celebrates the national alcohol made from sugarcane in August; and the Festival de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios in early September.
Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais
The entire town of Ouro Preto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its winding cobblestone streets are just an outdoor museum of colonial architecture of the finest kind in Brazil. The splendid and luxuriant buildings here make it one of the most beautiful towns in the country, but the history and number of grand churches make it also one of the most interesting places
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