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第二部分 单项选择(共15题,每题1分,满分15分)
21. Your guidance has helped me greatly in my daily communication, especially at work a good impression is a must.
A. which B. where C. as D. when
22. —Peter has bought another new phone again in this month
—It’s just of him to try new things.
A. typical B. wise C. considerate D. generous
23. —What did she want to know, Tom
—She wondered we could complete the experiment
A. when was it that B. it was when that
C. it was when D. when it was that
24. This means that, unless you say , no one can make copies of your work without your permission.
A. accordingly B. nevertheless C. otherwise D. moreover
25. 一The manager has come back from his business trip. He is asking you for the report.
一 Oh, my god! I haven’t finished it yet. But he back at the company tomorrow.
A. was expected B. will expect C. expected D. will be expected
26. Our government has tried various channels to raise and social security funds.
A. accompany B. accelerate C. accumulate D. accommodate
27. to the gift was a note on which he expressed his appreciation for our help.
A. Being attached B. Attaching C. Attached D. Having attached
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