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第一部分 完形填空(40题 每题1分 满分40分):
On a cold December morning, my mother and I were walking home from a pizza store. We were dressed warmly and equipped 1 the video we had been dying to watch. I was feeling a little 2 , as I was carrying our shopping, bags of snacks and the video.
They were so heavy that I decided to 3 some things. So I started to walk towards the garbage can when I 4 a poor man walking his bike out of the restaurant in front of us. He held a paper bag with his dirty hand. He 5 over to another nearby garbage can and started 6 it.
I suddenly felt very 7 .I knew this man would take all he could get, 8 I walked up to him and 9 the drink and some snacks over to him. The man, with lines on his face and wrinkles on his forehead, looked up in 10 and took what I gave him.
A huge smile 11 across his face and this caused me to feel indescribable 12 . I felt like I couldn’t be 13 with myself, but then he said, “Wow, first someone gives me this sandwich, then this drink, and now some 14 food; this is my daughter’s 15 day!” 2
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