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Want an ideal home in magical Lucas Valley?Here is a room rented for the summer.
Home features:
*3 beautiful bedrooms,about 10’×11’ with 4’ window faces morning sun and beautiful view of courtyard garden and flowers.Can be furnished or unfurnished.
*Sunny island kitchen,floor to ceiling glass with garden views.Share use of all amenities of home,beautiful sunny yard,organic gardens,picnic table.
*Great outdoor pool,yoga and tennis 2 blocks away;2 great farmers markets weekly 5 minutes away at SR Civic Center.Peaceful quiet neighborhood,easy parking right outside,1.5 miles from 101,great access to all Bay Area.
Please be healthy and environmentally conscious,clean and considerate,no smoking,no drugs,no pets.Quiet and friendly prof F (author,healer,consultant)—works from home p/t,1 dog,NO cats,sorry,NO pets possible—dog is NOT pet friendly.Minimum lease till end of October 2017,longer fine.
Partial rent reduction option available for the right person—read more if interested:
Holistic(整体的)health author seeking great P/T reliable help with routine home and office help (filing, organizing papers) garden watering and dog walking (up to 5 hours per week,prefer 1 hour available each morning M-F between 7-9am) or time on Saturdays.Please leave your phone number in response.
*your phone number
*what date you are available to move in
*what skills you can contribute
21.What is the advantage
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