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第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
It was a cold March day in High Point,North Carolina.The girls on the Wesleyan Academy softball were waiting for their next turns at bat during practice,stamping their feet to say warm.Eighth-grader Taylor Bisbee shivered(发抖)a little as she watched her teammate Paris White play.The two didn’t know each other well—Taylor had just moved to town a month or so before.
Suddenly,Paris fell to the ground,“Paris’s eyes rolled back,”Taylor says.“She stated shaking.I knew it was an emergency.”
It certainly was,Paris had suffered a sudden heart failure.Without immediate medical care,Paris would die.At first,no one moved.The girls were in shock.Then the softball coach shouted out,“Does anyone know CPR”
CPR is a life-saving technique.To do CPR,you press on the sick person’s chest so that blood moves through the body and takes oxygen to organs.Without oxygen the brain is damaging quickly.
Amazingly,Taylor had just taken a CPR course the day before.Still,she hesitated.She didn’t think she knew it well enough.But when no one else came forward,Taylor ran to Paris and began doing CPR.“It was scary.I knew it was the difference between life and death,”says Taylor.
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