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一.英汉互译 (写于答题纸作文部分)(每题1.5分共15分)
1. 申请人 n. 2. 概念n.
3. 谴责,指责,宣判 vt. 4. 主观的;想象的adj.
5. 认为…理所当然 6. multiply
7. under guarantee 8. artificial
9. competence 10. trial and error
二、单词填空 (写于答题纸作文部分)(10’)
11. What are these two ____________( 悄悄说) to each other about
12. Masses of fans would welcome them at the airport in a __________ ( 现象) wherever the Beatles went.
13. The design of the building is a _____________ ( 和谐) combination of tradition and modern.
14. Many people are worryingly ____________ (无知的) of the facts about global warming.
15. In my youth my _________ (雄心) had been to be an inventor.
16. You’ll usually see them dressed c___________, though they are among Europe’s rich people.
17. G__________ gap can only be bridged through communication and mutual understanding.
18. I_________ mining has seriously damaged the environment of the area.
19. People in western countries celebrate Christmas, while people in China o_______ the Spring Festival.
20. Some equipment has been sent to the disaster-hit area since the earthquake o_________.
三、单选 (从听力第一题涂起,1--20题为原题21-35为新题)
1. Although the painting is very ___________ pleasant, it is thought to be copied with a modern pri
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