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If you like tasting food from different countries, here are some events you shouldn’t miss in New York City this year.
Chinatown Restaurant Week---March 14-30
Various meals will be offered for $18.88 per person at participating Chinatown restaurants such as Golden Unicorn, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, HK Wonton Garden, Pho Grand, Red Egg and Shanghai Gourmet. Peking Duck House will offer a special at lunch only.
More Info: chinatownrestaurantweek.com
Martini Week---March 15-30
Martini Week is a two-week-long celebration of America’s proudest invention. It will be held at 23 bars and restaurants across the town. They’ll be offering their own unique specialities at low prices. Choose from places including Ava Lounge, Beaumarchais, Catch, Abe & Arthur’s. Sons of Essex, Bounce Sporting Club, Aspen Social, Revel, Rayuela, and more.
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