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21. ---Why was the movie a turn-off I thought you liked thrillers.
--- Well, I do enjoy it. However, I dislike___▲___ when the actors’ expressions are so fake and unnatural.
A. that B. those C. them D. it
22. ___▲___ who had arrested him three times for drug-taking.
A. Before George stood the policeman B. Before George the policeman stood
C. Before the policeman stood George D. Before George did the policeman stand
23. Students are advised to keep the list of books near the desk for easy ___▲____.
A. preference B. fun_ction C. purpose D. reference
24. It is the serious situation in the remote mountainous areas that ___▲___ much higher spending on health care and education.
A. answers for B. provides for C. calls for D. falls for
25. ---I wonder what makes you a good salesperson
---I ___▲___ as a waiter for three years, which contributes a lot to my today’s work.
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