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There’re plenty of things going on in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for both the visitors and the residents. Check out our guide to Amsterdam museum exhibitions below.
◆Hermitage Amsterdam
Exhibition 1917. From Romanov to Revolution was opened 11 Feb. and runs until 17 Sept. 2017. The outsider Art Museum (in the Hermitage Amsterdam) includes world-class art works by Dutch and international outsider artists such as Shinichi Sawada.
Jean Tinguely—Machine Spectacle, overview of work from the Swiss artist known for his kinetic art (动态艺术). Runs 1 Oct. 2016 to 5 Mar. 2017. Jordan Wolfson – Truth/Love, presentation of work from the American artist who explores the increasing digitalisation of society. Runs 4 Mar. to 7 May 2017. Ed van der Elsken – Camera in Love, large public exhibition of the work of the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century. Scheduled for 4 Feb. to 28 May 2017.
◆National Holocaust Museum
The newly opened museum presents Tangible Memories from the Jewish monument, exhibition of objects, photos and documents of people affected by the Holocaust(大屠杀). Opened 2 Sept. 2016, ongoing until the end of 2019.
◆Dutch Resistance Museum
Between 1940 and 1945 the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany. Five Dutch chefs have taken on the challenge of creating dishes usin
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