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New Zealand is jam-packed with things to do.The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which to do first!
Dark Sky
Dark Sky is the ideal location to explore fishing in all its forms.Our bank side accommodations provide the angler with dawn to dusk access to waters.Fish as long as you like,there’s no rush.
Months of operation: Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,Nov,Dec
Pricing: Adult:$ 1,500.00
Pukaha Mount Bruce
Pukaha Mount Bruce is set right in the middle of the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail.Home to the internationally famous little white kiwi bird,Manukura,plus many other birds and wildlife such as our tuatara and eels.
Months of operation: All months of the year
Pricing: Adult:$ 20.00
Child:(15 year(s) and under): $ 6.00
Dive!Tutukaka travels to the famous Poor Knights Islands,is New Zealand’s friendliest and most professional dive license operator,with streamlined and personal service.Diving worth crossing the world for.We will provide a mask and a snorkel.There are cold drinks for sale and wetsuits for hire if you need one.Bring your togs and a towel.
Months of operation: All months of the year
Pricing: Adult: $ 289.00
Maori Tours Kaikoura
Join our family-we are members of a sub-tribe of Ngai Tahu.Learn through storytelling and activities delivered in a fun and natural way a
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