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The London Travelcard is a paper ticket that is valid on all London public transport.
Online exclusive: you can not buy a paper 7 Day Travelcard from Underground stations in London — it can only be bought in advance.
Unlimited travel: the Travelcard gives you unlimited travel on London’s public transport network.
No queuing: while other visitors wait in line at the train station with their heavy bags, you’ll be ready to travel as soon as you arrive in London.
Low prices: a Travelcard is of great value, and you get a discount on the Tames Riverboats and Emirates Air Line cable car.
Should I buy an Anytime Travelcard or an Off Peak Travelcard
It depends on what time of the day you will be travelling:
Anytime Travelcards can be used at any time; Off Peak Travelcards are cheaper, but cannot be used on Monday to Friday before 9:30 am.
Which zones do I need a Travelcard for
The center of London, including most major attractions, is in Zones 1–2. Most suburban (郊区的) areas of London, including Wembley Stadium and Wimbledon Tennis Club, are within Zones 1-4. Almost the whole of London, including Heathrow and London City Airports, is in Zones 1-6.
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