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Today’s travelers may explore faraway cultures and countries by booking a round-the-world (RTW) trip through a global airline alliance (联盟). If you’re planning an extended business trip, a long vacation, or a year off, an RTW airline fare may be just the ticket.
RTW tickets can be purchased in economy, business class, and sometimes first class, depending on the alliance. Ticket prices can range from approximately $2,500 to $23,000, depending on class of service, mileage, routing(路线), and number of stops. They typically average between $3,000 and $5,000, although a simple two-or-three-stop RTW ticket might cost as little as $1, 500. Booking an RTW ticket through a global airline alliance allows you to piece together routes on member airlines to create one continuous trip.
Where to begin Here are some tips:
●Start planning at least six months in advance to ensure the routes you want are available.
●To save on costs, visit destinations in their off seasons.
●If you fly west to east, your flights will be speedier due to tailwinds.
●If you plan to travel extensively within a continent, you can combine your RTW ticket with an airline alliance’s regional travel passes.
●You can often save a significant amount by originating your RTW trip in a
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