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Your house is a place to kick back and get comfortable. But what if it also had 27 floors, a replica (复制品) of King Tut’s burial chamber (墓室), or an indoor garden Make yourself at home in some of the coolest houses from around the world.
Sea Creature Shack
Naucalpan, Mexico
Here’s what it’d be like to live in a shell. Architect Javier Senosiain designed this home to look like a real shelled sea creature called the nautilus. The house has rooms and hallways, plus a large front window with multi-colored glass. There’s even an indoor garden. The center of the house holds a TV room lined with soft sofas. If you lived here, you’d never want to come out of your shell.
Tower Power
Mumbai, India
For a billionaire looking for new digs, the sky’s the limit. One wealthy businessman even had a 27-story tall building used as a private home for his family of five. The tower — which supposedly cost one billion dollars — boasts a spa, ballroom, movie theater, and yoga studio. Living the high life comes at a price, though. The building’s first electric bill reportedly totaled $115,000.
Pyramid Palace
Wadsworth, Illinois
The United States isn’t known for having pyramids (金字塔) or pharaohs (法老). But one Illinois family decided to switch things. Jim and Linda Onan built a six-story pyramid house complete with a replica of King Tut’s burial chamber, and enough gold plating to please the pickiest pharaoh. Even the family’s cars get the ancient Egyptian royal treatment — the garage is shaped like three pyramids.
21. It can be learned that the Sea Creature Shack _____.
A. has lots of shells B. is located in a garden
C. has the basic conveniences D. was designed by an Indian architect
22. The underlined word “boasts” can be replaced by “_____”.
A. adds B. has C. needs D. lacks
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